Chin Surgery in Boston

A recessive chin can affect your smile or make your nose look larger. With chin surgery, your plastic surgeon alters the shape of your chin, usually increasing its projection in order to create better facial harmony.

Is Chin Surgery Right for You?

Chin surgery may be recommended for you if you have a lack of underlying structure in the chin. This condition, sometimes called "microgenia," can make other features of the face appear relatively large.

A good candidate for surgery will be capable of understanding the risks and benefits of chin surgery and have realistic expectations about what can be achieved. If you have severe microgenia, a chin that is severely inadequate, this procedure may not be indicated. The procedure is also not recommended for patients with certain problems of the jaws and teeth. During your consultation, Dr. Howrigan can determine if you are a good candidate for chin surgery and recommend alternatives if appropriate.

How Chin Augmentation Works

Chin surgery in Boston is performed through a small incision under the chin. A custom-sized chin implant is inserted under the muscle to restore balance and proportion to the face. Chin augmentation is often performed with nasal surgery to improve facial harmony.

Alloplastic chin implants are made of a variety of materials and come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the common types include silicone rubber (also known as silastic), Goretex, Teflon and Acrylic.

What to Expect After Chin Augmentation

After chin surgery, you'll be given post-operative guidelines to follow. This may include instructions to eat a soft diet, elevate the head, refrain from touching the chin and practice good oral hygiene. You'll want to be cautious around the chin and incision during this time. Dr. Howrigan may prescribe pain medication and antibiotics for the first week of recovery. After approximately one week, the sutures are removed, and you should be able to appreciate the results of chin surgery.

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