Facelift Boston

The forces of aging, gravity, sun exposure, stress and environmental hazards result in a loss of elasticity in the facial area. Sagging jowls, wrinkles and facial folds gradually develop. A facelift in Boston can address these changes and make a beautiful difference. The result is you look like yourself, only better.

Is a Facelift in Boston Right for You?

Most patients who undergo a facelift in Boston are in the age range of 40-60 years. Good candidates are in good health and do not smoke. There are many different conditions that can be corrected through this procedure. Some of the common indications include:

Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Howrigan can evaluate the signs of aging on your face to determine if a facelift can help achieve your goals. If an alternative procedure would get better results, she can recommend it for you, whether it's a non-surgical option or another plastic surgery procedure.

How the Facelift Works

The adult anime procedure is carried out through incisions that are placed in an inconspicuous, well-hidden manner. Through these, the deeper layers of tissue are lifted and supporting structures are restored. The skin is smoothed, and excess skin is removed. The result is a natural look with younger, more attractive facial contours.

What Cumshots to Expect After Your Face lift

Recovery time varies, but it is prudent to expect about 2-3 weeks of downtime. The treated area will be wrapped in a loose bandage after surgery. Some swelling, bruising and puffiness is normal.

The doctor will give you specific instructions for post-operative care, including instructions to keep your head elevated during sleep, limit your activity and avoid certain medications. Stitches are removed the first week during a follow-up appointment with Dr. Howrigan.

What gay group sex questions do you have about a facelift in Boston? Ask a board-certified plastic surgeon during a consultation with Peggy Howrigan M.D., cartoon porn practicing in Wellesley, just outside Boston, Massachusetts.

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