Otoplasty / Ear Surgery in Boston

Through otoplasty surgery, prominent ears can be tucked in so that they no longer attract attention. Sometimes called ear surgery in Boston, this simple surgical procedure is often performed on children to help prevent teasing from their peers.

Otoplasty: Who is a Good Candidate?

The most basic treatment indication for otoplasty is a condition of protruding ears, a cosmetic imperfection that can be very distracting. For children, protruding ears can prompt teasing that can be harmful to the child's self-confidence. As a preventative measure, surgery to correct this condition can be performed at an early age, generally as soon as the ears have become fully developed.

In some cases, adults with protruding ears choose to undergo otoplasty in Boston, also known as ear surgery . If you are considering otoplasty for yourself or your child, Dr. Howrigan can help determine if the surgery is appropriate and will meet your expectations.

What to Expect During Ear Surgery in Boston

The outpatient surgery is usually carried out under local anesthesia or sedation. During this 2-3 hour procedure, Dr. Howrigan makes precise incisions on the back side of the ear, where they are not noticeable. She then carefully sculpts or folds the tissue to reposition the ear. After the sutures are placed, the ears will fold in a natural way that is closer to the head, creating a more proportional appearance.

Like most procedures, there are possible complications to review before ear surgery. Adverse events include blood clotting on the ear (which usually dissolves or can be extracted), infection in the cartilage (treated with antibiotics) or formation of unwanted scar tissue. If you are concerned about risks or side effects involved in otoplasty, please ask Dr. Howrigan for more information.

After Ear Surgery: Post-Operative Steps

A bandage is placed over the ears for one week to protect the surgical changes. You will be given specific post-operative instructions, which should be closely followed. It may be necessary to protect the ears during recovery to prevent disruption of the healing process. During a follow-up appointment about 1 week after surgery, Dr. Howrigan will remove the stitches and examine your results.

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