Post Bariatric Body Contouring Boston

As rates of obesity rise in the United States, more women and men are losing weight through bariatric surgery or focused diet and exercise. Procedures like gastric bypass or the laparoscopic gastric band have become very popular methods for attaining a healthy body weight.

However, reaching your target weight is not always satisfactory. If you would like to put the finishing touch on weight loss and feel confident about your body, you may need to undergo body contouring in Boston.

What is Post-Bariatric Body Contouring?

Body contouring in Boston includes any treatment designed to remedy the residual effects of body weight reduction. The most common problem for people who lose a great deal of weight is redundant skin. Loose skin will fold or hang in several areas of the body, causing discomfort, hygiene issues and cosmetic concerns.

Plastic surgeons have developed several procedures to remedy these issues. By removing or "tucking" the redundant skin, your surgeon can restore normal body proportions and resolve many of the problems that are present after major weight reduction.

During a consultation, Dr. Howrigan will evaluate the areas of your body that can be addressed with this type of surgery. She will then recommend a procedure or series of procedures to help you achieve your goals.

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Common Surgical Procedures After Major Weight Loss

What to Expect During Surgery in Boston

Surgery will vary of course, depending on your individual conditions and the doctor's recommendations. For patients who have experienced massive weight loss, the treatment plan will usually include several stages. Dr. Howrigan will help you plan for each step along the way as you work together toward a better body shape.

Body Contouring Boston

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